TPAs have a tough job. Processing claims and paying providers can become inefficient and expensive


hPay simplifies claims adjudication and payment processing at virtually no cost to TPA

hPay is CXC Solutions' Innovative Pay-the-Provider solution. We have partnered with industry leaders such as MasterCard and WEX amongst others to create an ecosystem that will result in a win-win for all.

The opportunity can be substantiated by improving patient collections (18-30%), reducing AR days (20-30%), reducing RCM costs (40-50%), providing better customer satisfaction and experience. This will definitely result in low bad debt (50+%), better provider rates / network for carriers and lower premiums for patients.

hPay is quick and easy to implement, low risk and low cost, minimal changes to existing processes.

hPay makes life easier for Consumers, Providers & TPAs. Learn how

How does hPay work?

  • We process Carrier/Provider claims and send to TPA for approval.

  • Once adjudicated, we transfer approved funds to respective provider.

  • We provide convenient options to participants to pay balance to provider.

Benefits & Advantages

Benefits Administrator

  • Significant reduction in administrative costs

  • Incremental revenues through 'cash rebates'

  • Simplified reconciliation process for posted payments

  • 800,000+ provider directory


  • Automated claims submission

  • Simplified bill presentation

  • Early and quick pay incentives from provider

  • Readily available financing and easy payment options